Christmas Poems

Sporting successes

Sophia has worked hard to earn her dojo certificate – well done!


Another dojo certificate!


Well done Zoe – keep up the hard work!!!


This week we have been sharing thoughts about those we are grateful towards at home and school.  Today, the children in Hazel have made cards for adults in school who help them.  Some adults were really touched at this lovely gesture.  Thanks to all those who help us in school.



Our class have been receiving special mentions!

Well done to these children for receiving a Special Mention!  Keep up the good work!!!


Another dojo winner!


Edwin has been working hard and earned 50 dojos – well done – keep up the good work!

Congratulations Jessica!

WOW again!  Jess has received 50 dojos and received her certificate!  Fab Jess!!!


Stay and Learn.

Thank you to all the parents who attended the stay and learn session yesterday.  The children really enjoyed themselves and loved showing their adults the classroom.

Well done to those parents who used their creative flair to produce some fabulous puppets!

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Remembrance Day.

CIMG2431 CIMG2432 CIMG2433 CIMG2434

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