Residential 2017

WOW!  What a hot week we had and the children were awesome!  We were so proud of all the children as their behaviour was impeccable.  The staff at the youth hostel commented on their good manners, which, as you can imagine made us extremely proud!  Thank you to parents for sending children with the correct kit and preparing the children for their few nights away from home.  We had loads of laughs and made memories that the children will cherish for a lifetime.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday


Mrs W


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2 Responses to “Residential 2017”

  1. Ben says:

    I enjoyed that residential very much . Me and my best mates were all in the same room. We found lots of sweets and things under the carpet and we will never forget that residential . Not to mention Mrs Waddington (who taught our class and took us on residential) is a great teacher and she is my favourite teacher.

  2. waddingtonb says:

    Ah! Thanks Ben – We had an amazing week – I loved it too – hope you are working hard in Y5!

    Mrs W

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