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  1. Georgia says:

    the holiday was AMAZING !!!! I’m still getting used to school! A new topic as well

  2. Georgia says:

    I’m so exited about the class assembly I have already written my definition and sentences for the class assembly also it’s the skipping competion on Monday #Nervraking Monday ###THANKS MRS WADDINGTON

    • waddingtonb says:

      You will be TREMENDOUS Georgia – don’t panic. I’m really looking forward to this week – a very busy week!!!

  3. Georgia says:

    it’s almost the end of yr 4 #NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO # I love yr 4 its the best yrr ever I’m so nervous about yr 5

    • waddingtonb says:

      Lyla Mae – you have summed everything up – you were all truly amazing, I was so proud of everyone! Well done skippers – keep on skipping!!!
      You will soon get used to being a year 5 pupil Georgia and you will be fab!

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