The best way to practise your times tables.

This is a bit like the spelling practise game.

Choose a times table that you really need to practise.  Then write down the first number sentence both ways round. Then write down the inverse both ways round. See below:

3 x 4 = 12

4 x 3 = 12

12 / 4 = 3

12 / 3 = 4

It is very important that you say the number sentences out loud as you write them down.



3 Responses to “The best way to practise your times tables.”

  1. hazelclass says:

    I find my seven times tables really hard as well as my eights.

    by Emma Wheelhouse

  2. abbie gray says:

    This is helping me a lot.

    Abbie Gray xxx

  3. Teagan says:

    Thank you Mr Tull this has been helping me a lot but I am like Emma i don’t know my 7x tables or my 8x tables.


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